Primal is a collaborative experience on the expression of our strongest feelings, through the production of a collective eternal scream.

Starting at childhood, we express some of our most powerful emotions through scream. This is the most primal expression as it exceeds language, and reflects joy as it does anger, fear as it does astonishment. We scream with passion and hatred. We scream to let off steam, to call for help. Scream is a crude, raw and primitive medium of expression of the intense feelings within us. It is the outlet that allows us to channel these energies that sometimes exceed ourselves.

Primal is therefore challenging participants to let go by screaming without restraint and to use that energy to create a collaborative work of art. Internet users can also explore the realities of young Argentinean and Canadian screamers in depth through video portraits.

Created by Folklore, Caroline Hayeur, Manuel Archain and Bruno Stagnaro, the project is the first collaboration between NFB's interactive productions studio in Montreal and Encuentro, the Ministry of Education of Argentina television channel.